Saint Louis University Community Partner Profile
Organization Name:

VisionServe Alliance

Contact Person: Roxann Mayros
Address: 8760 Manchester Road
Phone Number:


Email Address:

Category: Advocacy/Healthcare
Internships Available?: Yes
Transportation Needed?: Yes

Mission Statement/Objectives:


To engage leaders in building a better world through services to people with vision loss.


Service Opportunities:

  • On-line Manager – managing Facebook, Twitter, web-site, on-line messaging, e-newsletter, etc.
  • Researcher – National surveys and data collection, analysis of research, presentation of results.
  • Policy Analyst – Researching public policy relevant to vision loss and blindness, analyzing policy,developing plan to advocate at Federal level and implementing plan with national network of nonprofits serving the blind and visuallyimpaired.
  • Assistant – Conference/meeting planning and production, bookkeeping, organizing files, communicating with nonprofits nationwide, mailings, membership management, etc.
All positions are available Mondays-Fridays, anytime 9am-4pm

Volunteer Pre-Requisites:

Directions from SLU: