Saint Louis University Community Partner Profile
Organization Name:

The Soulard School

Contact Person: Eleanor White
Address: 1110 Victor Street St. Louis
Phone Number: (314) 865-2799
Email Address:
Category: Children
Internships Available?: Yes
Transportation Needed?: Yes

Mission Statement/Objectives:


At The Soulard School we are committed to understanding the dynamic process of learning across the school community and within each student. We believe that no single approach in education theory or application is best. In fact, adherence to one distorts the ability to critically examine any others or incorporate new information. Our evolving approach permeates every aspect of our school’s Qualitative Education.

Respect is at the core of our philosophy – respect for each person, for life, and for the environment. Respect for each student’s individuality, learning style and intentions lay the foundation of the qualitative approach.

We believe that this approach supports the attitudes and behaviors needed today as well as those that will be needed in the future. These include: personal empowerment and cultural pluralism; global thinking and ecological awareness; flexibility and adaptability; creativity and innovation; respect, caring, and responsibility; and competencies of all kinds.


Service Opportunities:

  • After School Assistant: Help with after school programs. Planning and implementing activities and general safety of students that participate in our after school program, Club Soulard. Individuals can also offer uniqu clubs that are held once or twice a week for 8 weeks. There are a total of 3- 8 weeks sessions in a school year.
  • Lunch Assistant: Help assist in our Culinary Arts meal planning, family-style meals, serving and clean-up.
  • After School Assistant: Mondays-Fridays, anytime 3pm-6pm.
  • Lunch Assistant: Mon/Tue/Fri from11am-1pm; Wed/Thu from 9:30am-1pm.

Volunteer Pre-Requisites:

- Background Check
- Orientation
Directions from SLU: