Saint Louis University Community Partner Profile
Organization Name:

Missouri Jobs with Justice

Contact Person:

Joan Suarez

Address: 2725 Clifton
Phone Number:


Email Address: ,

Category: Business and Faith/Justice
Internships Available?: Yes
Transportation Needed?: Varies

Mission Statement/Objectives:


Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor, religion, student, and community activists and organizations committed to protecting the basic human rights of men and women. Jobs with Justice goals are to organize community support for workers treated unjustly and/or illegally in the workplace and to address the root causes of poverty while working for an economic base that benefits the entire community.


Service Opportunities:

  • Research Volunteer: The advocacy campaigns led by Jobs with Justice must always be grounded in sound research.
  • Office Support Volunteer: This includes, data entry, meeting prep and other committee support for our grassroots leaders. While the work may be “unglamorous” we work to ensure it’s a valuable opportunity to understand the nitty gritty of the base-building and mobilization critical to effective grassroots organizing and advocacy.
  • Grassroots Mobilization Volunteer: All JwJ campaigns have some aspect of grassroots mobilization. This may mean bringing folks to meet with their legislators, building a rally, getting members to call a legislator or employer. These opportunities include a lot of work on the phones with JwJ member activists.
  • Research Volunteer: Flexible, as much can be done from home/on own time.
  • Office Support Volunteer: Mondays-Fridays, anytime 10am-4pm
  • Grassroots Mobilization Volunteer: Intermittent, days and time vary.

Volunteer Pre-Requisites:

Directions from SLU: